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This function queries common information about a filesystem object and returns it as a dictionary. Example of its return value:

    accessTime = 1390997951, -- OS specific time information
    creationTime = 1381999749, -- OS specific time information
    modTime = 1381872826, -- OS specific time information
    size = 1441280, -- size of the filesystem object in bytes


dictionary translator.stat ( string filePath )


  • filePath: the path to the filesystem object that you want to get the statistics of


This function returns a statistics structure of the filesystem object pointed at by filePath, false if filePath is not a valid path in the translator or the filesystem object pointed at by it is not accessible.


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This snippet returns information about the currently running script. It can be used to know when the script has been updated by MTA.

-- Grab a generic translator of resource instance directory.
local resRoot = fileCreateTranslator( "/" );

-- Get the information of this script file.
local scriptStats = resRoot.stat( "thisScript.lua" );

-- todo: use this information somehow.

FileSystem Translator Functions