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This function opens a link to a file instance on a given MTA:Eir FileSystem translator. Using a file link, you can write and/or receive data from filesystems.


file ( string filePath, string fileMode )


  • filePath: the path to the file that should be opened
  • fileMode: an ANSI file mode descriptor (can be 'w', 'r' or 'a', with 'b' and/or '+' appended)


This function returns the FileSystem file class that can be used to retrieve or store data persistently. Returns false if the file failed to open for some reason.


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This snippet lists information about the registered MTA server modules. This information can be retrieved through a command.

-- The table that will contain all module information.
local moduleInfo = {};

-- Attempt to get a handle to the FileSystem module namespace.
local fsys = createFilesystemInterface();

-- Could fail if the server restrictions are set tight.
if not ( fsys ) then
    outputDebugString( "could not get a handle to the FileSystem module namespace" );
    return false;

local function moduleFileIterator( filePath )
    -- Create an entry for this module.
    local moduleName = fsys.root.relPath( filePath );
    local moduleStats = fsys.root.stat( filePath );

    local entry = {
        name = moduleName,
        stats = moduleStats

    -- Add the entry into the registry.
    table.insert( moduleInfo, entry );

-- Loop through all server modules.
fsys.root.chdir( "mods/deathmatch/modules/" );
fsys.root.scanDirEx( "", "*", nil, moduleFileIterator, false );

-- Function to get a module into by name.
local function getModuleByName( name )
    for m,n in ipairs( moduleInfo ) do
        if ( == name ) then
            return n;

    return false;

-- Command to request server module information.
addCommandHandler( "modules",
    function(player, moduleName)
        -- Output module information to the player.
        local module = getModuleByName( moduleName );

        if not ( module ) then
            outputChatBox( "could not find module named " .. tostring( moduleName ), player );
            return false;

        -- Output it.
        outputChatBox( "module-name: " .. );
        outputChatBox( "module-size: " .. module.stats.size );
        -- todo: add more info about the module.
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This snippet attempts to open a file and output its contents inside of a CEGUI memo.

-- Get the screen size so we can scale the memo properly
local screenWidth, screenHeight = guiGetScreenSize();

-- Make the memo cover nearly the entire screen.
local myMemo = guiCreateMemo( 20, 20, screenWidth - 40, screenHeight - 40, "", false );

-- Read the contents of some file.
local fileContents = "";

local fileHandle = fileOpen( "someFile.txt", "rb" );

if ( fileHandle ) then
    fileContents = fileHandle.size() );

    -- Clean up our file handle.

-- Update the memo.
guiSetText( myMemo, fileContents );

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