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Package-x-generic.png This function is provided by the external module Basic IRC Module. You must install this module to use this function.

This function can be used to change a ban host mask to specified wildcard format.


string ircFormatHost ( string host, [ int formatType = 2 ] )

Required Arguments

  • host: The host address that will be reformatted. It needs to be in format "nick!user@host".
Note: If you're using this function along with ircGetUserHost, please remember to add the nick! part yourself to the host as ircGetUserHost only returns the user@host part.

Optional Arguments

NOTE: When using optional arguments, you might need to supply all arguments before the one you wish to use. For more information on optional arguments, see optional arguments.

  • formatType: The way the host is going to be formatted. Valid values are
    • 0: *!user@host
    • 1: *!*user@host
    • 2: *!*@host
    • 3: *!*user@*.host
    • 4: *!*@*.host
    • 5: nick!user@host
    • 6: nick!*user@host
    • 7: nick!*@host
    • 8: nick!*user@*.host
    • 9: nick!*@*.host
You can also specify a type of 10 to 19 which correspond to masks 0 to 9, but instead of using only * wildcard to replace portions of the host, also ? wildcards are used to replace the numbers in the address (host part).


Returns a formatted version of the string of the specified host if arguments were valid, false otherwise.


This example creates an ircbot called DummyBot makes it connect to a server and join a channel. It also includes an IRC command '!formathost <name> <type>' which formats specified users host to specified type if the user is actually in the channel.

function resourceStart ( )
    theBot = ircCreateBot ( "DummyBot" )
    ircConnect ( theBot, "", 6667 )
addEventHandler ( "onResourceStart", getResourceRootElement ( getThisResource() ), resourceStart )

function event_ircOnConnect ( theBot )
    setTimer ( ircJoinChannel, 2000, 1, theBot, "#testchannel" )

function event_ircOnText ( theBot, channel, sender, message )
    if message:find( "!formathost" ) then
        local params = split ( message, string.byte (' ') )
        -- params[1] has the string "!formathost" which we don't need
        -- params[2] has the name of the user
        -- params[3] has the type of the format
        if ircIsInChannel ( theBot, channel, params[2] ) then
            local host = ircGetUserHost ( theBot, params[2] )
            host = ircFormatHost ( params[2] .. "!" .. host, tonumber(params[3]) )
            ircSendMessage ( theBot, channel, params[2] .. "'s formatted host is " .. tostring(host) )

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