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This event is triggered after an element's data entry is changed. Such changes can be made on the client or the server using setElementData.


string theKey, var oldValue, var newValue
  • theKey: The name of the element data entry that has changed.
  • oldValue: The old value of this entry before it changed. See element data for a list of possible datatypes.
  • newValue: the new value of this entry after it changed. This will be equivalent to getElementData(source, theKey).


The source of this event is the element whose element data changed.


This example tells the client whenever a player's "score" element data is changed.

function scoreChangeTracker(theKey, oldValue, newValue)
    if (getElementType(source) == "player") and (theKey == "score") then
        outputChatBox(getPlayerName(source).."'s new score is "..newValue.."!")
addEventHandler("onClientElementDataChange", root, scoreChangeTracker)

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