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This function sets the maximum number of player slots on the server.

[[{{{image}}}|link=|]] Note: This function cannot set more than <maxplayers> as defined in mtaserver.conf. (To find out the <maxplayers> value, use getServerConfigSetting("maxplayers"))


bool setMaxPlayers ( int slots )

Required Arguments

  • slots: Maximum number of player slots on the server.


Returns true if number of player slots was successfully changed, false or nil otherwise.


This example set server slots count to half value from current value.

local curMaxPlayers = getMaxPlayers()
local newMaxPlayers = math.ceil( curMaxPlayers / 2 )

setMaxPlayers( newMaxPlayers )

This example resets the server slots count to the value from mtaserver.conf

setMaxPlayers( tonumber( getServerConfigSetting("maxplayers") ) )

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