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This function sets the friendly fire value for the specified team.


bool setTeamFriendlyFire ( team theTeam , bool friendlyFire )

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Method: team:setFriendlyFire(...)
Variable: .friendlyFire
Counterpart: getTeamFriendlyFire

Required Arguments

  • theTeam: The team that will have friendly fire set
  • friendlyFire: A boolean denoting whether the players from the same team can kill each other (true) or whether the players can't kill each other (false).


Returns true if the friendly fire value is set for the specified team, false if the friendly fire value can't be set for the specified team or if invalid arguments are specified.


This example checks if friendly fire is on for every team, and toggles it on if it isn't.

-- get a table with all teams
local allTeams = getElementsByType ( "team" )
-- for every team,
for index, theTeam in ipairs(allTeams) do
	-- if friendly fire is off,
	if ( getTeamFriendlyFire ( theTeam ) == false ) then
		-- switch it on
		setTeamFriendlyFire ( theTeam, true )

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