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[[{{{image}}}|link=|]] Note: You may want to read up on case folding for more information about the use of this function.

Converts a UTF-8 string to title case (uppercase). If input is an integer, it is treated as a codepoint and a converted codepoint (integer) is returned.


string utf8.title ( string|int input )
string utf8.upper ( string|int input )

Required Arguments

  • input: A string character sequence OR an integer value


Returns a string in uppercase OR returns an integer (see description).


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This example shows how to convert a string to uppercase.

local output = utf8.upper( "WHAT ARE YOU UP TO? Do you like uppercase?" )
outputConsole( output ) -- WHAT ARE YOU UP TO? DO YOU LIKE UPPERCASE?

local value = utf8.title( 1088 )
outputConsole( value, type( value ) ) -- 1056, number

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