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This function checks if the last completed event was cancelled. This is mainly useful for custom events created by scripts.

Events can be cancelled using cancelEvent, this indicates that the resource which triggered the event should do whatever it can to reverse any changes made by whatever caused the event. See triggerEvent for a more detailed explanation of this.


bool wasEventCancelled ( )   


Returns true if the event was cancelled, false if it wasn't or doesn't exist.


This example implements a custom event onFlagPickup that would be triggered if an onMarkerHit event was triggered on a marker whose parent was a flag element. If the event isn't canceled then an element data value is set on the player.

addEvent ( "onFlagPickup", true )

function flagHitcheck ( thePlayer )
    parentElement = getElementParent ( source ) -- get the parent of the marker
    if ( getElementType ( parentElement ) == "flag" ) then -- if it was a flag element then
        triggerEvent ( "onFlagPickup", source, thePlayer ) -- trigger our onFlagPickup event
        if ( not wasEventCancelled() ) then -- if handlers for 'onFlagPickup' didn't cancel it then
            setElementData ( thePlayer, "hasFlag", true ) -- set that the player picked up the flag
addEventHandler ( "onMarkerHit", getRootElement(), flagHitCheck )

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