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XML stands for Extensible Markup Language, XML can be used in MTA to read or write data. MTA's map files are also in XML format.

Example of XML:

    <info author="Slothman" type="gamemode" name="Stealth" />
    <config src="help.xml" type="client"/>

    <script src="stealthmain_server.lua" />
    <script src="noiseblip.lua" />
    <script src="mission_timer.lua" />
    <script src="gadgets_server.lua" />
    <script src="gadgets_client.lua" type="client"/>
    <script src="stealthmain_client.lua" type="client"/>
    <script src="noisebar.lua" type="client"/>
    <script src="spycam.lua" type="client"/>

    <file src="riot_shield.txd" />
    <file src="riot_shield.dff" />
    <file src="riot_shield.col" />
    <file src="armor.png" />
    <file src="camera.png" />
    <file src="cloak.png" />
    <file src="goggles.png" />
    <file src="mine.png" />
    <file src="radar.png" />
    <file src="shield.png" />

    <include resource="scoreboard" />
    <include resource="killmessages" />
    <include resource="maplimits" />

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