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This page lists all the control names. These can be used as key arguments by the console commands bind and unbind as well as scripting functions such as bindKey, unbindKey, toggleControl etc.

Lua table of all the valid control names listed on this page:

controlTable = { "fire", "aim_weapon", "next_weapon", "previous_weapon", "forwards", "backwards", "left", "right", "zoom_in", "zoom_out",
 "change_camera", "jump", "sprint", "look_behind", "crouch", "action", "walk", "conversation_yes", "conversation_no",
 "group_control_forwards", "group_control_back", "enter_exit", "vehicle_fire", "vehicle_secondary_fire", "vehicle_left", "vehicle_right",
 "steer_forward", "steer_back", "accelerate", "brake_reverse", "radio_next", "radio_previous", "radio_user_track_skip", "horn", "sub_mission",
 "handbrake", "vehicle_look_left", "vehicle_look_right", "vehicle_look_behind", "vehicle_mouse_look", "special_control_left", "special_control_right",
 "special_control_down", "special_control_up" }

GTA control list

  • fire Fire a player's weapon. (Note: If you want to disable weapons fire, remember to also disable the control action in addition to the control fire.)
  • aim_weapon Aim the player's current weapon. (if possible) (this also affects right-click + F punching)
  • next_weapon Switch to the next weapon.
  • previous_weapon Switch to the previous weapon.
  • forwards Move forwards.
  • backwards Move backwards.
  • left Move left.
  • right Move right.
  • zoom_in Zoom targeted weapon in. (sniper/rocket launcher/camera etc)
  • zoom_out Zoom targeted weapon out.
  • change_camera Change camera mode.
  • jump Make the player jump.
  • sprint Make the player sprint.
  • look_behind Make the player look behind. (and allow the player to see behind them)
  • crouch Make the player crouch/duck.
  • action Show the stats menu - Fire with tab key.
  • walk Make the player move slowly/quietly.
  • conversation_yes Answer yes to a question.
  • conversation_no Answer no to a question.
  • group_control_forwards Make the group you are controlling move forwards.
  • group_control_back Make the group you are controlling move backwards.
  • enter_exit Make the player enter a vehicle. Also used for alternative fighting styles.
  • vehicle_fire Fire the player's vehicle's primary weapon (e.g. hunter's missiles) or shoot with driveby.
  • vehicle_secondary_fire Fire the player's vehicle's secondary weapon. (e.g. hunter's minigun)
  • vehicle_left Make the player's vehicle turn left.
  • vehicle_right Make the player's vehicle turn right.
  • steer_forward Make the player's vehicle turn down. (lean forwards for helicopters/planes)
  • steer_back Make the player's vehicle turn up. (lean backwards for helicopters/planes)
  • accelerate Make the player's vehicle accelerate.
  • brake_reverse Make the player's vehicle brake (slow down) and if stationary reverse.
  • radio_next Change to the next radio station. (Doesn't work - use setRadioChannel and onClientPlayerRadioSwitch instead.)
  • radio_previous Change to the previous radio station. (Doesn't work - use setRadioChannel and onClientPlayerRadioSwitch instead.)
  • radio_user_track_skip Skip the current track being played on the custom radio station.
  • horn Play the horn of the player's vehicle (if the vehicle has a horn) and can trigger the siren on emergency vehicles.
  • sub_mission Start a submission if one is avaliable. (e.g. taxi missions)
  • handbrake Apply the handbrake on the player's vehicle.
  • vehicle_look_left Look to the left.
  • vehicle_look_right Look to the right.
  • vehicle_look_behind Look behind.
  • vehicle_mouse_look
  • special_control_left Move the some special vehicle component left. (e.g. tank's turret)
  • special_control_right Move the some special vehicle component right. (e.g. tank's turret)
  • special_control_down Move the some special vehicle component down. (e.g. tank's turret)
  • special_control_up Move the some special vehicle component up. (e.g. tank's turret)
  • enter_exit Make the player exit a vehicle.

MTA hard-coded commands

The following are names of hard-coded MTA commands which do not use bindKey, but can act as bindKey by using them in an addCommandHandler. Other than that, this control list will only work with the functions toggleControl and toggleAllControls. Please note that toggleControl can't disable screenshot.

  • enter_passenger Enters the closest vehicle as passenger
  • screenshot Takes a screenshot
  • chatbox Opens the chatbox for input
  • radar Toggles the radar-map showing
  • radar_zoom_in Zooms in on the radar-map
  • radar_zoom_out Zooms out on the radar-map
  • radar_move_north Moves north on the radar-map
  • radar_move_south Moves south on the radar-map
  • radar_move_east Moves east on the radar-map
  • radar_move_west Moves west on the radar-map
  • radar_attach Attaches the view to the local-player on the radar-map