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This function creates a pickup element, which is placed in the GTA world and can be picked up to retrieve a health, armour or a weapon.


pickup createPickup ( float x, float y, float z, int theType, int amount/weapon/model, [ int respawnTime = 30000, int ammo = 50 ] )         

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Method: Pickup(...)

Required Arguments

  • x: A floating point number representing the X coordinate on the map.
  • y: A floating point number representing the Y coordinate on the map.
  • z: A floating point number representing the Z coordinate on the map.
  • theType: This is an integer representing the type of pickup, representing the following types:
    • 0: Health Pickup
    • 1: Armour Pickup
    • 2: Weapon Pickup
    • 3: Custom Pickup
  • amount: This is an integer representing the amount of Health points or Armour points a pickup has.


  • weapon: If the type is a Weapon pickup, then it represents the weapon ID of the weapon pickup. When used with the weapon pickup type set, the ammo parameter can be used.


  • model: If the pickup is a custom model, this is the model id to use. Many non-pickup models can be used, though some may cause crashes. The following is a list of models designed to be used as pickups.
    • 1212: Money (wad of cash)
    • 1239: Info icon
    • 1240: Health (heart)
    • 1241: Adrenaline
    • 1242: Armour
    • 1247: Bribe
    • 1248: GTA III sign
    • 1252: Bomb from GTA III
    • 1253: Photo op
    • 1254: Skull
    • 1272: House (blue)
    • 1273: House (green)
    • 1274: Money icon
    • 1275: Blue t-shirt
    • 1276: Tiki statue
    • 1277: Save disk
    • 1279: Drug bundle
    • 1310: Parachute (with leg straps)
    • 1313: 2 Skulls
    • 1314: 2 Players icon
    • 1318: Down arrow

OR Other ID Object

Optional Arguments

NOTE: When using optional arguments, you might need to supply all arguments before the one you wish to use. For more information on optional arguments, see optional arguments.

  • respawnTime: How long before the pickup respawns in milliseconds (This parameter is ignored on the client!)
  • ammo: An integer representing the amount of ammo a pickup contains. This is only valid when the pickup type is a weapon pickup.


Returns pickup element if the pickup was created succesfully, otherwise returns false.


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This example creates a pickup after a player dies so that he drops his weapon.

function createDeathPickup ( totalammo, killer, killerweapon, bodypart ) --when a player dies
    x, y, z = getElementPosition ( source ) --get the position of the person who died and define it as x, y and z
    currentweapon = getPlayerWeapon ( source ) --get the current weapon of the dead person
    createPickup ( x, y, z, 2, currentweapon, 10000, totalammo )
addEventHandler ( "onPlayerWasted", root, createDeathPickup ) --add an event handler for onPlayerWasted
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