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This function allow us to add animation to dgs elements.

Change size of dgs elements with animation effect.


bool dgsSizeTo ( element dgsElement, float w, float h, bool relative, bool movetype, string easing = "Linear", float torvx [, float vy = torvx, table settings ])

Required Arguments

  • dgsElement: The DGS element to set animation to.
  • w: Target Width.
  • h: Target Height.
  • relative: Bool that indicates if the w/h are relative to the screen size.
  • movetype: A bool that indicates whether the move type is based on Time or Speed.( For stable and easy, we always pass false to this argument)
  • easing: The easing function to use for the interpolation (For More Detail :Easing), or your own easing function created by addEasingFunction.
  • torvx: This is depends on movetype. If movetype sets to false, the torvx will be the time(ms) to finish the animation, or it will be a static speed to finish the animation.
  • vy: This is depends on movetype. If movetype sets to true, this argument will be the Y speed to finish the animation, only need to pass a nil value to it otherwise.
  • settings: A table will be passed to your own easing function.


Returns true if succeed, false otherwise.


DGS = exports.dgs

parent = DGS:dgsCreateWindow(200,100,400,400,"DGS Parent Window",false)	--Create a window

DGS:dgsSizeTo(parent,400,200,false,false,"OutQuad",2000)  --Set Animation

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