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18 January 2024

10 April 2023

  • curprev 20:0920:09, 10 April 2023TheNormalnij talk contribs 1,076 bytes +325 No edit summary
  • curprev 17:5117:51, 10 April 2023Tracer talk contribs 751 bytes +751 Created page with "__NOTOC__ {{Client function}} {{New feature/item|4|1.6.0|21695|This function links TXD file with an IMG container.}} {{Warning|This article is incomplete and may contain errors}} ==Syntax== <syntaxhighlight lang="lua"> img engineImageLinkTXD ( img img_file, string file_path, int modelID ) </syntaxhighlight> {{OOP||EngineIMG}} ===Required Arguments=== * '''img_file''': The IMG file you want to link. * '''file_path''': Path to the TXD file you want to li..."