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This function gets a setting's value, or a group of settings' values, from the settings registry.

[[{{{image}}}|link=|]] Note: Your settings cannot have a period (.) in them. This character is reserved. Read below for more details.


var get ( string settingName )

Optional Arguments

settingName: The name of the setting you want to get. See setting names for information on settings names.


Returns the value of the setting if a single setting was specified and found, or a table (in associative-array form) containing:

  • the list of global setting name/value pairs if "." is passed as a setting name,
  • the list of resource settings if a resource name followed by a "." is passed,
  • the list of the script's resource settings if an empty string is passed.

It returns false if the specified setting or settings group doesn't exist, or if the settings group you are trying to retrieve doesn't have any public or protected settings.


Example returns a value from the settings registry with the name "respawnTime".

function getMySetting()
    if get ( "respawnTime" ) then
        return get ( "respawnTime" )
    return false

Or easier:

mySetting=get("respawnTime") or false

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