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This function returns the icon a blip currently has.


int getBlipIcon ( blip theBlip )

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Method: blip:getIcon(...)
Variable: .icon
Counterpart: setBlipIcon

Required Arguments

  • theBlip: the blip we're getting the icon number of.


Returns an int indicating which icon the blip has. Valid values are listed on the Radar Blips page.


This example will find all the blips that exist and set them all to the default blip icon.

-- Retrieve a table containing all the blips that exist
blips = getElementsByType ( "blip" )
-- Loop through the list, storing the blip from the table in the variable blipValue
for blipKey, blipValue in ipairs(blips) do
	-- Retrieve the blip's icon into the variable 'blipIcon'
	blipIcon = getBlipIcon ( blipValue )
	-- If the blip's icon wasn't the default already
	if ( blipIcon ~= 0 ) then
		-- Set the blip's icon to the default
		setBlipIcon ( blipValue, 0 )

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