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This function sets the Z ordering of a blip. It allows you to make a blip appear on top of or below other blips.


bool setBlipOrdering ( blip theBlip, int ordering )

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Method: blip:setOrdering(...)
Variable: .ordering
Counterpart: getBlipOrdering

Required Arguments

  • theBlip: the blip whose Z ordering to change.
  • ordering: the new Z ordering value. Blips with higher values will appear on top of blips with lower values. Possible range: -32767 to 32767. Default: 0.


Returns true if the blip ordering was changed successfully, false otherwise.


This example will create a blip and make your blip on top of all other blip's.

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function makeBlipHigher(thePlayer)
    local setmeup = createBlipAttachedTo ( thePlayer, 3, 3, 255, 0,0,255,0,99999.0, root)
    setBlipOrdering(setmeup, getBlipOrdering(setmeup) + 1)
    outputChatBox("*INFO: #ffff00Your blip is now on top of others!", thePlayer, 255,0,0,true)
    for i,v in ipairs(getElementsByType"player") do
          if v ~= thePlayer then
                  outputChatBox("*INFO: #ffff00" .. getPlayerName(thePlayer) .. "'s blip is now on top of your blip!",v,255,0,0,true)
addCommandHandler("incrementBlip", makeBlipHigher, false, false)

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