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This function returns a table containing the browser settings.


table getBrowserSettings ()

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Method: Browser.getSettings(...)


A table having the following keys:

  • RemoteEnabled: true if remote websites are enabled, false otherwise
  • RemoteJavascript: true if Javascript is enabled on remote websites, false otherwise
  • PluginsEnabled: true if plugins such as Flash, Silverlight (but not Java) are enabled, false otherwise. This setting is false by default.


This example is not tested

local window = guiCreateWindow(200, 200, 1024, 768, "Webbrowser", false)
local browser = guiCreateBrowser(0, 0, 800, 600, false, false, false, window)

for k,v in pairs(getBrowserSettings(browser)) do
 outputChatBox("['"..tostring(k).."'] = '"..tostring(v))

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