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This function returns the URL of the specified browser.


string getBrowserURL ( browser webBrowser )

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Method: browser:getURL(...)
Variable: .url
Counterpart: loadBrowserURL

Required Arguments

  • webBrowser: The browser


Returns the web browser URL.


This example creates a command (/isyoutubeloaded) to check if the browser created have youtube loaded, if it isnt it loads youtube.

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-- In order to render the browser on a corner, we need to get the dimensions of the screen
local screenWidth, screenHeight = guiGetScreenSize( )

-- Let's create a new browser in remote mode
local window = guiCreateWindow( screenWidth/2, 0, screenWidth/2, screenHeight/2, "Web Browser", false )
local browser = guiCreateBrowser( 0, 28, screenWidth/2, screenHeight/2, false, false, false, window )
local theBrowser = guiGetBrowser( browser ) -- Get the browser element from gui-browser

-- Let's create a new command to check if youtube is loaded and load it if isnt
addCommandHandler ( "isyoutubeloaded",
    function ()
		if getBrowserURL(theBrowser) == "" then  -- If the browser didnt load anything yet, load youtube
			outputChatBox("Youtube isn't loaded yet, loading it now....")
			loadBrowserURL( theBrowser, "" )
		else -- If the browser loaded something
			outputChatBox("Youtube is loaded.")

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