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This function returns a marker's type.


string getMarkerType ( marker theMarker )

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Method: Marker:getMarkerType(...)
Variable: .markerType
Counterpart: setMarkerType

Required Arguments

  • theMarker: A marker element referencing the specified marker.


  • Returns one of the following strings:
    • "checkpoint": A race checkpoint. These are very tall, but not infinite, light pillars. Checkpoints snap to ground and become invisible after going over a certain Z height.
    • "ring": Doughnut shaped ring, normally used for aircraft.
    • "cylinder": Small glowing ground ring. These are the glow markers you walk into to activate missions or events in single player.
    • "arrow": Arrow pointing down. These are the arrows on the doors you can enter in single player, except MTA's are not animated by default.
    • "corona": A glowing ball of light.

If an invalid marker is specified, false is returned.


This function creates a default marker at a given position and outputs its type.

function createMarkerAndOutputType ( ... )
    -- we create the marker.
    local theMarker = createMarker ( ... )
    -- if the marker was created.
    if isElement ( theMarker ) then
        -- then get its type.
        local markerType = getMarkerType ( theMarker )
        -- and output it.
        return outputChatBox ( "It's a " .. markerType .. " marker!" )

-- Create a marker and show its type in chat.
createMarkerAndOutputType(0, 0, 2, "cylinder", 2)

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