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This function returns the current move state for the specified ped.


string getPedMoveState ( ped thePed )

Kötelező paraméterek

  • thePed: The ped whose move state you want to know

Visszatérési érték

Returns a string indicating the ped's move state, or false if the ped is not streamed in, the movement type is unknown, the ped is in a vehicle or the ped is invalid.

  • stand: A ped egyhelyben áll.
  • walk: A ped sétál.
  • powerwalk: A ped gyorsan sétál.
  • jog: A ped kocok.
  • sprint: A ped fut.
  • crouch: A ped guggol.
  • crawl: A ped kúszik.
  • jump: A ped felugrik.
  • fall: A ped zuhan.
  • climb: A ped felmászik egy objectre.


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Example 1: This example shows how you can output a players current movestate.

function getMoveState( command, playerName )
-- If the player name exists we will have our 'player'
local player = getPlayerFromName( playerName )
	-- If the player does not exist, the script will stop.
	if not player then 
		outputChatBox( "No player named " .. playerName .. " was found.", 250, 0, 0, true )
		return false
-- If we found the player from the name, we can get his movestate.
local moveState = getPedMoveState( player )
-- If a player and a movestate is found, the script will output it to the chatbox.
outputChatBox( playerName .. "'s current moveState is: " .. moveState, 0, 150, 0, true )
addCommandHandler( "getMoveState", getMoveState ) -- To execute this command, simply write: /getMoveState playerName

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