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Office-calendar.png Historical: This page is retained for historical reference.

For the up to date F.A.Q that applies to MTA:SA (Deathmatch) >1.x.x go here.
  • Q: Where can I download Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas?

A: You can get it from here.

  • Q: I've encountered a bug or other issue

A: See the Know Issues page.

  • Q: Is it true that MTA:SA is racing only?

A: R1 of MTA:SA incorporates only racing. However, it is possible to engage in vehicle combat with tanks and Hydras. Deathmatch will be added in a later release, once walking and shooting code has been finished.

  • Q: Does it work with all versions of San Andreas?

A: R1 only works with v1.0. If you have installed the "no hot coffee" patch (1.01), you will need to reinstall San Andreas. Also, some censored versions, such as German and Australian versions, may encounter problems. If you bought the game recently, you may have v2.0 which features some protection against modification.

You may also want to try applying a downgrader patch, which is available here. This will revert your gta-sa.exe file back to v1.0. Note that it will not change any other files that were modified by the patch.

  • Q: I heard that MTA Blue (the new core that MTA:SA uses) allows modifications. Can we modify R1?

A: You will be able to create fully-fledged modifications once the SDK is released. This will be released once all mod support code is complete (after Deathmatch). In the meantime, MTA:SA R1 comes with a map editor that allows you to create unique racing maps with in-game objects, ramps, exploding barrels and more.

  • Q: Why is the frame rate stuck at 25 fps?

A: GTA's frame limiter is activated in MTA because otherwise, people with faster PCs would be able to race faster than those with slow machines. Lots of people have complained that 25 fps is too low though (Rockstar's choice of speed) so the team have said that they will look into possibly increasing this.

  • Q: I've made a map. Where can I upload it to?

A: We have created a MTA Community Site that allows you to upload and rate maps. Server admins can then download these manually.

  • Q: Where are my screenshots stored?

A: Race mod screenshots are stored in MTA San Andreas\mods\race\screenshots and map editor screenshots are stored in MTA San Andreas\mods\map_editor\screenshots. Press F11 to take screenshots.

  • Q: Why can't I see my own server in the server list?

A: You can't see any servers that are hosted on your local machine, however others will see them. To connect to your own server, type localhost as the IP address in the Quick Connect dialog.

  • Q: I've heard that MTA slows down other GTA:SA modifications, is this true?

A: There is no reason for this to be the case, beyond the fact that MTA uses up a small amount (by modern standards) of your hard drive that could slow down your PC's performance. When MTA is closed, nothing is running or loaded into your computer's memory that has anything to do with MTA (unless you open our files etc, obviously). MTA does not modify any Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas files, so it should be able to co-exist with any other modification that doesn't modify GTA:SA's files either.

  • Q: Why don't Hydra missles or tank projectiles kill my opponents?

A: In R1, they are only partially synchronised. This means that sometimes the missiles will hit and sometimes they will not, depending on lag. They will be fully synced in a future release.