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MTA's Deathmatch game mode has been around since the very beginning of MTA's existence, and has always been the most popular.

The aim of this game mode is to kill the other players. There are a variety of spawns, each with a different skin and different weapons.

Alternate usage of the Deathmatch mode

Since around MTA 0.4.1 times (now on 0.5), the Deathmatch game mode has started to be used as a base for other modes such as RPG. RPG stands for Role Playing Game. The two most popular RPG servers at present are the Ankeborg's Playground RPG server, and the Argonath RPG server. Both servers have strong member base, which have come to form their very own online gaming communities.

The rules on which this style of pure RPG is based originated from Ankeborg's RPG Rules, where you are encouraged to take on a role and told not to attack or kill people, which is the total opposite of actual pure Deathmatching; even though it takes place on the MTA 0.5 Deathmatch Map.

A problem with using the Deathmatch game mode for RPG is that some people misunderstand the concept, and treat the RPG servers as if it were a Deathmatch. This normally results in the administrators banning the so called "Non-RPG'ers" or "Deathmatchers".

Regular Deathmatch still remains most popular if RPG is counted as a seperate game mode.


Upon the release of Vice City, the team decided to switch from GTA3. This also was a time of great change within the team itself, as it had merged with the team members from YAMM (Yet Another Multiplayer Mod) and switched from Visual Basic to C++. Consequently, the first release of MTA: Vice City was very stable in comparison with its predecessors and many of the netcode problems from GTA3:MTA 0.3b were no longer apparent. The release was met with success.

MTA:VC 0.2.2 then added the Stunt Gamemode in addition to the already successful deathmatch mode. This was never as popular though.

The release of MTA:VC 0.3 finally offered player movement animation synchronisation. This stopped players from "floating" around and made the game much more realistic. 0.3 is considered by some people to be the best version of MTA:VC Deathmatch.

0.4 added many features such as spectator mode (useful for spotting cheaters) and a new spawn menu, but most of the development time had been spent on the GTA3 aspect, which the client also supported. Several adjustments to the weapons had been made in an attempt to balance the gameplay but some players complained about this.

0.5 mainly fixed bugs with the previous version. Again, much of the work in 0.5 had gone into GTA3's deathmatch and Vice City's Stunt Gamemode so not many new features had been added. However, the weapon damage levels had been tweaked again. This caused problems within the community as many players believed that the weapons were underpowered now and complained about the fact that you could no longer jump with the stubby. This prevented a glitch that some players had used to an unfair advantage in 0.4, but several glitches still existed.

The future of MTA:VC (and 0.5 in general) is uncertain. Previously, plans were to have GTA3 and VC run on the Blue core, but plans seem to have dissipated. A future release of the 0.x core is also uncertain.

0.5 Deathmatch

In the current version of MTA:VC (0.5, at the time of writing), there are 6 playable spawns and a spectator mode.

The spectator mode is somewhat unstable, though it has proven to be useful for server administrators.

  • Cops - Spawns at a cop station around town.
  • Mexicans - Spawns at Escobar International Airport's terminal.
  • Robbers - Spawns at Phil's Place in Little Haiti.
  • Vice City Crusader - Spawns at a random location around Vice Point.
  • Secret Service - Spawns under a shelter in Ocean Beach.
    Secret Service
  • Sailors - Spawns at the Vice Docks.
  • Spectator - This mode is used to simply watch other players, you don't spawn anywhere.