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Sets the color of an existing radar area.


bool setRadarAreaColor ( radararea theRadarArea, int r, int g, int b, int a )               

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Method: radararea:setColor(...)

Required Arguments

  • theRadarArea: the radararea element whose color you wish to set.
  • r: an integer representing the amount of red in the color (0 for no red, 255 for solid red)
  • g: an integer representing the amount of green in the color (0 for no green, 255 for solid green)
  • b: an integer representing the amount of blue in the color (0 for no blue, 255 for solid blue)
  • a: an integer representing the color's alpha (0 for transparent, 255 for opaque)


Returns true if the color was set successfully, false if the radar area doesn't exist or the color arguments are improper.


This example creates a radar area and changes its color right away:

someArea = createRadarArea ( 1024, 1024, 75, 100, 0, 0, 0, 255 ) -- create a black radar area
local flag = setRadarAreaColor ( someArea, 255, 85, 85, 170 )    -- change its color
if ( flag ) then                                                 -- if the function returned true...
   outputChatBox ( "Color set successfully!" )
else                                                             -- if the function returned false...
   outputChatBox ( "Failed to set color." )

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