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This function provides an alternative way to load XML files to getResourceConfig. This function loads an XML file and returns the node by specifying a specific file path, while getResourceConfig allows for loading an XML file from a resource.

[[{{{image}}}|link=|]] Note: To prevent memory leaks, ensure each call to xmlLoadFile has a matching call to xmlUnloadFile


xmlnode xmlLoadFile ( string filePath [, bool readOnly = false ])

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Note: This function is a static function underneath the XML class.
Method: XML.load(...)

Required Arguments

  • filePath: The filepath of the file in the following format: ":resourceName/path". 'resourceName' is the name of the resource the file is in, and 'path' is the path from the root directory of the resource to the file.
For example, if there is a file named 'settings.xml' in the resource 'ctf', it can be accessed from another resource this way: xmlLoadFile(":ctf/settings.xml").
If the file is in the current resource, only the file path is necessary, e.g. xmlLoadFile("settings.xml").

Optional Arguments

  • readOnly: By default, the XML file is opened with reading and writing access. You can specify true for this parameter if you only need reading access.


Returns the root xmlnode object of an xml file if successful, or false otherwise. Print error if something wrong with xml.


This example loads an XML file called settings.xml that is in a resource called ctv.

node = xmlLoadFile ( ":ctv/settings.xml" )

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