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This function sets the current position of the mouse cursor.


bool setCursorPosition ( int cursorX, int cursorY )

Required Arguments

  • cursorX: Position over the X axis
  • cursorY: Position over the Y axis


Returns true if the position has been successfully set, false otherwise.


This example sets your cursor position to the center of your screen after using the command cursorpos.

function centerCursorFunction()
    local showing = isCursorShowing ()
    if showing then -- if the cursor is showing
        local screenX, screenY = guiGetScreenSize () --get the screen size in pixels
        setCursorPosition (screenX/2, screenY/2) --set the cursor position to the center of the screen
        outputChatBox( "Your cursor is not showing." )
addCommandHandler( "centerCursor", centerCursorFunction )


Issue ID Description
#8941 setCursorPosition does not work

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