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This function determines if a certain key is pressed or not.

Note: 'ralt' may trigger both 'ralt' and 'lctrl', this is due to AltGr


bool getKeyState ( string keyName )

Required Arguments

  • keyName: The name of the key you're checking state of. See Key names.


Returns true if the specified key is pressed, false if it isn't or if an invalid key name is passed.


This clientside example prints a message when "p" is pressed, and a different one for the "control+p" combination.

-- define a function that outputs a message if control is pressed, and a different one if it isn't
function printMessageFunction()
	-- if the left or right control keys are pressed, the user has pressed the "lctrl + p" combo.
	if getKeyState("lctrl") or getKeyState("rctrl") then
		outputChatBox ("You have pressed 'Left Control + P'.")
	-- if none of those were pressed, the player just pressed the "p" key.
		outputChatBox ("You have pressed 'p'.")
-- bind the "p" key to our function
bindKey("p", "down", printMessageFunction)

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