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The team class represents player teams. Players on the same team can use team features such as teamchat or friendly fire.

A common misconception is that players would be child elements of team elements. This is wrong. Being part of a team is merely a relational connection rather than a change in element hierarchy. To perform logic on all the players of a team you have to use the getPlayersInTeam function.

The element type of this class is: "team".

NOTE: It is likely that the colorR/G/B values will be changed to the more standard color="#RRGGBB" before the final release.

XML syntax

<team name="" colorR="" colorG="" colorB="" friendlyfire=""/>

Required Attributes

  • name: A name of the team

Optional Attributes

  • colorR: The red component of the team's color
  • colorG: The green component of the team's color
  • colorB: The blue component of the team's color
  • friendlyfire: Should friendly fire be allowed (true/false)

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