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This function returns the color and transparency for a marker element. Not all marker types support transparency.


int, int, int, int getMarkerColor ( marker theMarker )

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Method: Marker:getColor(...)
Counterpart: setMarkerColor

Required Arguments

  • theMarker: The marker that you wish to retrieve the color of.


Returns four ints corresponding to the amount of red, green, blue and alpha (respectively) of the marker, false if invalid arguments were passed.


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Serverside example

This example script fully heals players who hit a white marker, and kills players who hit a red one.

-- we define the function that will determine if the player is to be healed or killed
function healOrKill ( hitMarker, matchingDimension )
	-- if the marker was in a different dimension, stop here to ignore the event
	if not matchingDimension then
	-- get the marker's color
	local R, G, B, A = getMarkerColor( hitMarker )
	-- if its RGB color is 255,255,255 (white),
	if R == 255 and G == 255 and B == 255 then
		-- heal the player
		setElementHealth( source, 100 )
	-- if it isn't white, but 255,0,0 (red),
	elseif R == 255 and G == 0 and B == 0 then
		-- kill the player
		killPed( source )
-- add our function as a handler to "onPlayerMarkerHit"
addEventHandler( "onPlayerMarkerHit", root, healOrKill )

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