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This function checks if a 2D position is inside a radar area or not.


bool isInsideRadarArea ( radararea theArea, float posX, float posY )

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Method: radararea:isInside(...)

Required Arguments

  • theArea: The radar area you're checking the position against.
  • posX: The X coordinate of the position you're checking.
  • posY: The Y coordinate of the position you're checking.


Returns true if the position is inside the radar area, false if it isn't or if any parameters are invalid.


This function checks if an element is within a radar area.

function isElementInsideRadarArea ( theElement, theArea )
	-- get the x, y coordinates from getElementPosition (z gets silently discarded)
	local posX, posY = getElementPosition( theElement )
	-- call isInsideRadarArea with those coordinates and return its result
	return isInsideRadarArea ( theArea, posX, posY )

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