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This function changes the size of an existing radar area.


bool setRadarAreaSize ( radararea theRadararea, float x, float y )

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Method: radararea:setSize(...)

Required Arguments

  • theRadararea: the radararea element whose size is to be changed.
  • x: the x length of the radar area.
  • y: the y length of the radar area.


Returns true if the size was set successfully, false if invalid arguments are passed.


Example 1: This example decreases the size of a team's radar area whenever a player from that team dies:

-- assume that team elements exist and that each player belongs to one of them
-- assume that radararea elements exist and that each is a child of one of the teams
function playerWasted ( killer, killerweapon, bodypart )
    local victimteam = getPlayerTeam ( source )                 -- get the team of the victim
    local killerteam = getPlayerTeam ( killer )                 -- get the team of the killer
    if ( killer and killerteam ~= victimteam ) then             -- if there is a killer and he is from an opposing team
        local victimarea = getElementChild ( victimteam, 0 )    -- get the radararea belonging to the victim's team
        local x, y = getRadarAreaSize ( victimarea )            -- get the size of the radar area
        x = x - 5
        y = y - 5
        setRadarAreaSize ( victimarea, x, y )                   -- set a new (smaller) size for the victim's radar area
addEventHandler ( "onPlayerWasted", root, playerWasted )

Example 2: This example creates a radar area and resets its size right away:

aRadarArea = createRadarArea ( 1024, 1024, 30, 140, 255, 255, 0, 85 )
flag = setRadarAreaSize ( aRadarArea, 50, 90 )
if ( flag ) then
    outputChatBox ( "Radar area size set successfully!" )
    outputChatBox ( "Failed to set radar area size." )

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