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This function allows detection of whether a radar area is flashing or not.


bool isRadarAreaFlashing ( radararea theRadararea )               

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Method: radararea:isFlashing(...)
Variable: .flashing
Counterpart: setRadarAreaFlashing

Required Arguments

  • theRadararea: The radar area you wish to check the state of flashing


Returns true if the radar area is flashing, false if it is not or if it doesn't exist.


This example checks whether the radar area in the variable glenpark is flashing, and announces it if it is.

function checkArea(sourcePlayer)
    if ( isRadarAreaFlashing ( glenpark ) ) then          -- if the radar area in the variable glenpark is flashing
        outputChatBox ( "Glen Park is under attack!!!" )  -- announce it
addCommandHandler("checkArea", checkArea)

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