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This event is triggered when an element enters a marker created using createMarker.

[[{{{image}}}|link=|]] Important Note: The event is not triggered when only the dimension changes of the player. So, if you use the `matchingDimension` when teleporting players into existing markers you should always first set their dimension/interior and only then the position


element hitElement, bool matchingDimension


The source of this event is the marker that got hit by the element.


This example will output a message what type of element has entered a marker.

local playerMarker = createMarker(0, 0, 2, "cylinder", 5, 10, 244, 23, 200, root)

function handlePlayerMarker(hitElement)
	local elementType = getElementType(hitElement)

	outputChatBox("Element ("..elementType..") has entered marker.")
addEventHandler("onMarkerHit", playerMarker, handlePlayerMarker)


Issue ID Description
#551 If a marker was attached to another element, onMarkerHit won't be triggered
#519 onMarkerHit not always triggered in interiors
#923 Server side markers with size < 1.5 don't trigger event

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