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Creates connection between rigid body and other rigid body or specified position.


physics-constraint physicsCreateConstraint(constraint-type theConstraintType [, disableCollisionsBetweenLinkedBodies = true], physics-rigid-body rigidBodyA [, physics-rigid-body rigidBodyB], mixed )             

Required Arguments

  • theConstraintType: "pointtopoint", "hidge", "fixed", "slider", see Physics constraints
  • disableCollisionsBetweenLinkedBodies: disable collision between two rigid bodies, useful when rigids are close to each other.
  • rigidBodyA: first rigid body,
  • rigidBodyB: second rigid body, optional, can be replaced with position in some cases.
  • mixed: depends on constraint type


  • physics world used for simulation.


Spawns capsule and attach invisible line to the rigid body.

local capsule = physicsCreateShape(physics, "capsule", 0.5, 1.2)
local capsulerb = physicsCreateRigidBody(capsule );
physicsCreateConstraint("pointtopoint", capsulerb, 0,0,0)

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