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This function sets the weapon property of the specified weapons specified weapon type. See lower down the page for documentation related to weapon creation.


bool setWeaponProperty ( int weaponID/string weaponName, string weaponSkill, string property, int/float theValue )

Required Arguments

  • weaponID: The ID or name of the weapon you want to set a property of. Names can be:
  • grenade
  • teargas
  • molotov
  • colt 45
  • silenced
  • deagle
  • shotgun
  • sawed-off
  • combat shotgun
  • uzi
  • mp5
  • ak-47
  • m4
  • tec-9
  • rifle
  • sniper
  • rocket launcher
  • rocket launcher hs
  • flamethrower
  • minigun
  • satchel
  • bomb
  • spraycan
  • fire extinguisher
  • camera
  • weaponSkill: Either: "pro", "std" or "poor". The player must have this skill level set to have the effect.
  • property: The property you want to set the value of:
  • "weapon_range" - float
  • "target_range" - float - Max targeting range
  • "accuracy" - float
  • "damage" - int - Note: Changing the standard M4 stat will change how much damage vehicle guns (e.g: Rustler) do.
  • "maximum_clip_ammo" - int
  • "move_speed" - float - How fast player can move with weapon
  • "flags" - int - (specify a flag to toggle it on/off) See Weapon Flags
  • "flag_aim_no_auto" - bool - Disable auto up/down for non-aimed firing
  • "flag_aim_arm" - bool - Uses other arm for aiming
  • "flag_aim_1st_person" - bool - Uses 1st person aim
  • "flag_aim_free" - bool - Can only use free aiming
  • "flag_move_and_aim" - bool - Can move and aim at same time
  • "flag_move_and_shoot" - bool - Can move and fire at same time
  • "flag_type_throw" - bool - Is a throwing weapon
  • "flag_type_heavy" - bool - Can't jump
  • "flag_type_constant" - bool - Fires every frame within loop (ie paint spray)
  • "flag_type_dual" - bool - Can use 2x guns at same time
  • "flag_anim_reload" - bool - Weapon has reload anims
  • "flag_anim_crouch" - bool - Has crouching anims
  • "flag_anim_reload_loop" - bool - Loop from end of reload to fire loop start
  • "flag_anim_reload_long" - bool - Force a longer reload time
  • "flag_shot_slows" - bool - Slows down (area effect)
  • "flag_shot_rand_speed" - bool - Random speed (area effect)
  • "flag_shot_anim_abrupt" - bool - Force the anim to finish player after aim/fire rather than blending out (area effect)
  • "flag_shot_expands" - bool - Expands (area effect)
  • "anim_loop_start" - float - Start of aimed firing animation loop
  • "anim_loop_stop" - float - End of aimed firing animation loop (Reduce to increase firing rate)
  • "anim_loop_bullet_fire" - float - Time in aimed firing animation when weapon should be fired (Must be between Start and End)
  • "anim2_loop_start" - float - Start of non-aimed firing animation2 loop
  • "anim2_loop_stop" - float - End of non-aimed firing animation2 loop (Reduce to increase crouch firing rate)
  • "anim2_loop_bullet_fire" - float - Time in non-aimed firing animation2 when weapon should be fired (Must be between Start and End)
  • "anim_breakout_time" - float - Time after which player can break out of attack and run off
  • theValue: The value to set the property to.


On success:

bool: Returns true if the weapon property was successfully set

On failure:

bool: Returns false if the weapon property was unable to be set

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The client side function only applies to custom weapons created client sided.


bool setWeaponProperty ( weapon theWeapon, string strProperty, value theValue )

OOP Syntax Help! I don't understand this!

Method: weapon:setProperty(...)
Counterpart: getWeaponProperty

Required Arguments

  • theWeapon: the weapon to change the property of.
  • strProperty: the property to edit:
  • "weapon_range" - float
  • "target_range" - float
  • "accuracy" - float
  • "damage" - int
  • "fire_rotation" - vector - For aligning fire direction with model
  • theValue: The value to set the property to.


Returns true if the property was set.


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This example sets the weapon range of the M4 at poor skill level to 75

local rangeSet = setWeaponProperty(31, "poor", "weapon_range", 75)
if (rangeSet) then
    outputChatBox("M4 range at poor skill is set now 75!")

This example makes the silenced pistol dual wielded at pro skill level

setWeaponProperty(23, "pro", "flags", 0x000800) -- Warning - Depends on the current flag setting
setWeaponProperty(23, "pro", "flags", 0x000002) -- Warning - Depends on the current flag setting
setWeaponProperty(23, "pro", "maximum_clip_ammo", 34)

This examples doubles the range of the colt 45 hand gun

setWeaponProperty(22, "poor", "weapon_range", 70)
setWeaponProperty(22, "std", "weapon_range", 70)
setWeaponProperty(22, "pro", "weapon_range", 70)

This example makes the minigun able to fire all its ammo without the short reload time

setWeaponProperty("minigun", "pro", "maximum_clip_ammo", 1000)

This example turns off auto aim for all weapons

function setAutoAimForAllWeapons( bEnable )
    weaponList = { "colt 45", "silenced", "deagle", "shotgun", "sawed-off", "combat shotgun", "uzi", "mp5", "ak-47", "m4", "tec-9", "rifle", "sniper", "minigun" }
    for _,weapon in ipairs( weaponList ) do
        for _,skill in ipairs( { "poor", "std", "pro" } ) do
            setWeaponPropertyFlag( weapon, skill, 0x0001, not bEnable )

-- Set or clear an individual weapon flag bit
function setWeaponPropertyFlag( weapon, skill, flagBit, bSet )
    local bIsSet = bitAnd( getWeaponProperty(weapon, skill, "flags"), flagBit ) ~= 0
    if bIsSet ~= bSet then
        setWeaponProperty(weapon, skill, "flags", flagBit)

-- Turn off auto aim
setAutoAimForAllWeapons( false )


Minimum server version 1.3
Minimum client version 1.3.0-9.04555

Note: Using this feature requires the resource to have the above minimum version declared in the meta.xml <min_mta_version> section. e.g. <min_mta_version server="1.3" client="1.3.0-9.04555" />


Version Description
1.4.0-9.06339 Added 'fire_rotation' property

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