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OOP模板(Object Oriented Programming)


OOP 语法 什么是OOP?

提示: Set the variable to nil to execute removePedFromVehicle
方法: ped:warpIntoVehicle(...)
变量: .vehicle
对称函数: getPedOccupiedVehicle
{{OOP_ZH-CN|Set the variable to nil to execute [[removePedFromVehicle]]|[[ped]]:warpIntoVehicle|vehicle|getPedOccupiedVehicle}}

Hey guys, here are a few "rules" in using the OOP template:

  • If it's a constructor, such as createPed, use "Ped" not "createPed" or "Ped.create"
  • If it's a static class function or a constructor, use a capital letter for the first character. (Player not player).
  • Likewise, if it's an object function such as "player:setName", use lowercase.
  • Use full stops (or if you're american, "periods.") for static functions and colons (:) for object functions.