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This function removes a ped from a vehicle immediately. This works for drivers and passengers. Note that this removes the ped from the vehicle and puts him in the exact position where the command was initiated.

Available client side from 1.3.1 (It will only work with client side vehicles and peds)


bool removePedFromVehicle ( ped thePed )           

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Note: Set the variable to nil to execute this function
Method: ped:removeFromVehicle(...)
Variable: .vehicle

Required Arguments

  • thePed: The ped you wish to remove from a vehicle


Returns true if the operation was successful, false if the specified ped is not valid or if it isn't in a vehicle.


Small example to show how to remove a ped from any vehicle it's in.

function setupForRace( )
	RacerPed = createPed( 252, 0, 0, 3 ) -- create a ped into the variable "RacerPed"
	local RaceVehicle = createVehicle( 411, 4, 0, 3 ) -- create a vehicle.
	warpPedIntoVehicle( RacerPed, RaceVehicle ) -- warp the ped straight into the vehicle
	setTimer( removeThePed, 5000, 1 ) -- Setup a timer which will remove the ped from the vehicle after 5 seconds.
addCommandHandler( "startrace", setupForRace ) -- add a command to start race

function removeThePed( )
	removePedFromVehicle( RacerPed ) -- Removes the ped from any vehicle. 

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