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This function returns an integer that contains the ammo in a specified ped's weapon. See Weapon Info


int getPedAmmoInClip ( ped thePed [, int weaponSlot = current ] )

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Method: ped:getAmmoInClip(...)
Variable: .ammoInClip

Required Arguments

  • thePed: The ped whose ammo you want to check.

Optional Arguments

  • weaponSlot: an integer representing the weapon slot (set to the ped's currently selected slot if not specified).


Returns an int containing the amount of ammo in the specified ped's currently selected or specified clip, or 0 if the ped specified is invalid.


This example outputs the amount of ammo the specified player has in his current slot. For example: 'ammo someguy'.

function showAmmo(thePlayer, command, who )
	local targetPlayer = getPlayerFromName ( who )
	if ( thePlayer ) then
		local ammo = getPedAmmoInClip ( targetPlayer )
		outputChatBox ( who .. " has " .. ammo .. " ammo in his active clip" )
		outputChatBox ( "Player '" .. who .. "' not found." )
addCommandHandler( "ammo", showAmmo )


Issue ID Description
#734 Sometimes wrong count of player ammo, if get it in onPlayerWeaponFire

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