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This function allows you to set the oxygen level of a ped.


bool setPedOxygenLevel ( ped thePed, float oxygen )

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Method: ped:setOxygenLevel(...)
Variable: .oxygenLevel
Counterpart: getPedOxygenLevel

Required Arguments

  • thePed: the ped whose oxygen level you want to modify.
  • oxygen: the amount of oxygen you want to set on the ped. Native values are from 0 to 1000. Each of the stamina (22) and underwater stamina (225) stat maximum adds a bonus of 1500. So the maximum oxygen level is 4000.


Returns true if the oxygen level was changed succesfully. Returns false if an invalid ped and/or oxygen level was specified.


This example fills the local player's oxygen.

function fillOxygen ( command )
	local maxOxygen = math.floor ( 1000 + getPedStat ( localPlayer, 22 ) * 1.5 + getPedStat ( localPlayer, 225 ) * 1.5 )
	setPedOxygenLevel ( localPlayer, maxOxygen )
addCommandHandler ( "filloxygen", fillOxygen )

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