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This function checks if the specified ped is carrying out a certain task.


bool isPedDoingTask ( ped thePed, string taskName )

Required Arguments

  • thePed: The ped you want to check.
  • taskName: A string containing the name of the task you're checking for.


Returns true if the player is currently doing the task, false otherwise.


This example checks if the player who entered the 'doingdriveby' command is doing a drive-by (clientside).

function checkDriveBy()
    local playerName = getPlayerName(localPlayer)
    local doingDriveBy = isPedDoingTask(localPlayer, "TASK_SIMPLE_GANG_DRIVEBY")
    local driveByStatus = doingDriveBy and "is doing a driveby!" or "is not doing a driveby."

    outputChatBox(playerName.." "..driveByStatus)
addCommandHandler("doingdriveby", checkDriveBy)

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