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This function allows retrieval of the position where a ped's target range ends, when he is aiming with a weapon.


float float float getPedTargetEnd ( ped targetingPed )

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Method: ped:getTargetEnd(...)

Required Arguments

  • targetingPed: the ped who is targeting whose target end you wish to retrieve


Returns three floats, x,y,z, representing the position where the ped's target ends according to his range, or false if it was unsuccessful.


This Example draws a line from where the Ped´s Target Starts to the Point where the Target Ends

addEventHandler("onClientPreRender", root,  -- Adds the Handler
    function ()
        if getPedTargetStart(localPlayer) then --Checks if there is a Point to start From.

        local x, y, z = getPedTargetStart(localPlayer) -- Gets the Point to start From
        local sx, sy, sz = getPedTargetEnd(localPlayer) -- Gets the Point where the Target Ends

        dxDrawLine3D(x, y, z, sx, sy, sz) -- Draws the Line

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