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This function controls if a ped can fall of his bike by accident - namely by banging into a wall.


bool setPedCanBeKnockedOffBike ( ped thePed, bool canBeKnockedOffBike )         

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Method: ped:setCanBeKnockedOffBike(...)
Counterpart: canPedBeKnockedOffBike

Required Arguments

  • thePed: the ped whose knockoffstatus is being changed
  • canBeKnockedOffBike: true or false


This example adds a console command with which the local player can toggle if he can fall off bikes.

function changeCanBeKnockedOff ( command )
    -- The player should enter /knock
    if canPedBeKnockedOffBike ( getLocalPlayer() ) then
        setPedCanBeKnockedOffBike ( getLocalPlayer(), false )
        outputChatBox ( "Now you can't be knocked off your bike." )
        setPedCanBeKnockedOffBike ( getLocalPlayer(), true )
        outputChatBox ( "Now you can be knocked off your bike." )
addCommandHandler ( "knock", changeCanBeKnockedOff )

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