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This function controls if a ped can fall of his bike by accident - namely by banging into a wall.

[[{{{image}}}|link=|]] Note: This effect is not synced for peds. When the ped falls off, he will not have exited the vehicle. To get it working you need to call it each time the ped is streamed in & each time it gets a new syncer.


bool setPedCanBeKnockedOffBike ( ped thePed, bool canBeKnockedOffBike )         

OOP Syntax Help! I don't understand this!

Method: ped:setCanBeKnockedOffBike(...)
Counterpart: canPedBeKnockedOffBike

Required Arguments

  • thePed: the ped whose knockoffstatus is being changed
  • canBeKnockedOffBike: true or false


This example adds a console command with which the local player can toggle if he can fall off bikes.

function changeCanBeKnockedOff()
    local canBeKnocked = canPedBeKnockedOffBike(localPlayer)
    local knockedText = canBeKnocked and "Now you can't be knocked off your bike." or "Now you can be knocked off your bike."

    setPedCanBeKnockedOffBike(localPlayer, not canBeKnocked)
addCommandHandler("knock", changeCanBeKnockedOff)

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