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This function returns an integer that contains the total ammo in a specified ped's weapon. See Weapon Info

[[{{{image}}}|link=|]] Note: Clientside, this function will not return a correct value for remote player weapons that aren't in hand.


int getPedTotalAmmo ( ped thePed, [ int weaponSlot = current ] )

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Method: ped:getTotalAmmo(...)

Required Arguments

  • thePed: The ped whose ammo you want to check.

Optional Arguments

  • weaponSlot: an integer representing the weapon slot (set to the ped's current slot if not given)


Returns an int containing the total amount of ammo for the specified ped's weapon, or 0 if the ped specified is invalid.


This example outputs the total amount of ammo a player called Someguy has for his weapon.

-- Find the player called 'Someguy'
myPlayer = getPlayerFromName ( "Someguy" )
-- If a player called 'Someguy' was found then
if ( myPlayer ) then
	-- Retrieve the total amount of ammo for that player, and store it in a variable called 'ammo'
	ammo = getPedTotalAmmo ( myPlayer )
	-- Tell all the players how much ammo 'Someguy' has
	outputChatBox ( "Someguy's current total ammo: " .. ammo .. "." )


Issue ID Description
#481 Flame Thrower Ammo Multiples By Ten
#734 Sometimes wrong count of player ammo, if get it in onPlayerWeaponFire

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