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This function tells you which weapon type is in a certain weapon slot of a ped.


int getPedWeapon ( ped thePed, [ int weaponSlot = current ] )

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Method: ped:getWeapon(...)

Required Arguments

  • thePed: the ped you want to get the weapon type from.

Optional Arguments

  • weaponSlot: an integer representing the weapon slot (set to the ped's current slot if not given).


Returns an int indicating the type of the weapon the ped has in the specified slot. If the slot is empty, it returns 0.

It should be noted that if a ped runs out of ammo for a weapon, it will still return the ID of that weapon in the slot (even if it appears as if the ped does not have a weapon at all), though getPedTotalAmmo will return 0. Therefore, getPedTotalAmmo should be used in conjunction with getPedWeapon in order to check if a ped has a weapon.


This example will display a player's current weapon type. In this case,a random player.

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-- Find a player called someguy and find his current weapon id.
local weaponType = getPedWeapon ( getRandomPlayer() )
-- If a weapon type was returned then
if ( weaponType ) then
    outputChatBox ( "someguy's current Weapon-type: " .. weaponType .. "." ) -- Display the weapon type in the chat box

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