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Comparison of MTA Versions
Version GTA Version(s) Latest Version Support Status Works on Windows Vista, 7 and higher Core Client Type License Synchronization Max Players Per Server Gamemodes Scripting Frame limit Map Editor
Multi Theft Auto 0.5r2 III, Vice City 2011-01-31 Community Yes 0.3 External Freeware Basic (Vehicle and on-foot) 32 DM (VC), Stunt (VC), GTA3 SSV, GTA3 Portland, GTA3 Staunton External (MTA:mA) User defined (On/Off) No
MTA:SA Race 1.1.2 San Andreas 2008-05-18 Unsupported No Blue In-game Freeware Vehicles only 32 Race, Freeroam, Destruction Derby External (MTA:mA) Fixed Basic
MTA:SA 1.5.7 San Andreas Recent Supported Yes Blue In-game GPLv3 Fully Synchronized 4096 Custom Build-in Lua Server defined Yes