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This function allows you to get the active camera view modes. This indicates at what distance the camera will follow the player or vehicle.


int, int getCameraViewMode ( )

OOP Syntax Help! I don't understand this!

Method: Camera.getCameraViewMode(...)
Variable: .viewMode
Counterpart: setCameraViewMode


BEFORE VERSION 1.5.8 r20851:
Returns an int indicating the current vehicle camera view mode. Their meanings can be seen below.

Returns two ints indicating the current vehicle and ped camera view mode respectively. Their meanings can be seen below.

Vehicle Modes:

  • 0: Bumper
  • 1: Close external
  • 2: Middle external
  • 3: Far external
  • 4: Low external
  • 5: Cinematic

Ped Modes:

  • 1: Close
  • 2: Middle
  • 3: Far


This example tells the player their current camera view when they change it

function onPlayerSpawn(theSpawnpoint)
    currentCam("fire") -- start a repeating check
addEventHandler("onClientPlayerSpawn", root, onPlayerSpawn)

function currentCam(key)
   if (getControlState(key)) then
      local vehicleMode, pedMode = getCameraViewMode()
      outputChatBox("Your current cam view is: " .. vehicleMode .. ".")

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