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This function is used for getting the X and Y size of an existing radar area.


float, float getRadarAreaSize ( radararea theRadararea )              

OOP Syntax Help! I don't understand this!

Method: radararea:getSize(...)

Required Arguments

  • theRadararea: The radar area element whose size you wish to get.


Returns two floats indicating the X and Y length of the radar area respectively, false if the radar area is invalid.


The following example looks for radar areas whose size is smaller than 100 by 100:

local radarareas = getElementsByType ( "radararea" ) -- get a table of radararea elements
for k, theArea in ipairs(radarareas) do -- use a generic for loop to step through each of the elements
   local sizeX, sizeY = getRadarAreaSize ( theArea ) -- get the size of the radar area
   if ( sizeX < 100 and sizeY < 100 ) then -- check if it's smaller than 100 by 100
      outputChatBox ( "A small radar area was found!" )

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