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This function is used to retrieve a resource from its name. A resource's name is the same as its folder or file archive name on the server (without the extension).


resource getResourceFromName ( string resourceName )

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Note: This function is a static function underneath the Resource class. OOP function available client side
Method: Resource.getFromName(...)

Required Arguments

  • resourceName: the name of the resource you wish to get.


Returns the resource with the specified name, or false if no resource of that name exists. Note that clientside this will also return false for resources that are in the loaded state, since the client is unaware of resources that have not been started.


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This example prints out a message to the chatbox when a resource named playerblips is started.

function onStart( theResource )
     local blipsResource = getResourceFromName ( "playerblips" ) -- get the resource of name "playerblips"
     if ( blipsResource and theResource == blipsResource ) then -- check if the resource started was it
          outputChatBox ( "Blips resource started!" )
addEventHandler ( "onResourceStart", getRootElement(), onStart )

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