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Gets the date and time at which a resource was last loaded in the server.


int getResourceLoadTime ( resource res )

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Method: resource:getLoadTime(...)
Variable: .loadTime

Required Arguments

  • res: the resource you want to know the load time of.


If successful, returns the UNIX timestamp when the resource was loaded, otherwise false. Use in conjunction with getRealTime in order to retrieve detailed information.


This code outputs the date and time at which the scoreboard resource was last loaded.

local res = getResourceFromName ( "scoreboard" )
if res then
    local time = getRealTime(getResourceLoadTime(res)) --Gets all the data we need from UNIX time format, see getRealTime() for more details
    outputConsole ( "scoreboard was last loaded on: " ..  string.format("%i/%i/%i %i:%i:%i",time.monthday,time.month,time.year,time.hour,time.minute,time.second)) --this will be something like this: scoreboard was last loaded on: 10/07/2017 14:13:10

This code outputs the date and time at which the specified resource started.

function getLoadTime(p,c,res)
	local resource = getResourceFromName(tostring(res))
	if not res or not resource then
		outputChatBox("Syntax: /" .. c .. " [Resource Name]")
		local time = getRealTime(getRealTime().timestamp-getResourceLoadTime(resource))
		outputChatBox("The resource " .. res .. " started at " .. string.format("%i/%i/%i %i:%i:%i",time.monthday,time.month,time.year,time.hour,time.minute,time.second))
addCommandHandler("getResourceLoadTime", getLoadTime, false,false) --adds the command handler

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