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This function retrieves whether San Andreas game glitches are enabled or not, set by using setGlitchEnabled


bool isGlitchEnabled ( string glitchName )

Required Arguments

  • glitchName: the name of the property to set. Possible values are:
    • quickreload - This is the glitch where switching weapons auto-reloads your weapon, without actually performing the reload animation.
    • fastmove - This is the glitch that can be achieved by a certain key combinations whilst standing up after crouching, which allows you to move quickly with slow weapons (e.g. deagle).
    • fastfire - This is the glitch that can be achieved by cancelling the full fire animation, allowing you to shoot with slow-fire weapons (e.g. deagle) much faster.
    • crouchbug - This glitch is only available on servers and clients higher that 1.0.4-9.02035.0 - If you want to use it, it is advisable to use the [minclientversion ] server setting.
    • highcloserangedamage - By default this is enabled. To disable it use false. Disabling this removes the extremely high close range damage guns inflict when fired at very close range.


Returns true if if the glitch was enabled, or false if it is disabled.


This example outputs weather the "fastmove" glitch is enabled or not.

setGlitchEnabled("fastmove",true) -- Enable the fastmove glitch at resource start.
function checkIsEnabled(thePlayer,command)
	if (isGlitchEnabled("fastmove")) then -- Check weather fastmove is enabled or not.
		outputChatBox("fastmove is enabled.",thePlayer,255,255,0) -- If so, output that it's enabled.
		outputChatBox("fastmove is not enabled.",thePlayer,255,0,0) -- If not, output that it isn't enabled.

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