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This function sets server settings which are stored in the mtaserver.conf file.

[[{{{image}}}|link=|]] Note: This function is protected by default and must be explicitly allowed in the servers acl before it can be used.
[[|link=|]] Warning: "bandwidth_reduction" set to 'maximum' will cause player movement synchronization issues, on locations built outside 3000m radius from world center.


bool setServerConfigSetting ( string name, string value [, bool bSave = false ] )

Required Arguments

  • name : The name of the setting. Only certain settings from mtaserver.conf can be changed with this function. These are:
    • minclientversion
    • recommendedclientversion
    • password
    • fpslimit - (0-100)
    • networkencryption - 0 for off, 1 for on (Deprecated)
    • bandwidth_reduction - "none", "medium", "maximum" Set to maximum for less bandwidth usage (medium is recommended for race servers)
    • player_sync_interval - See Sync_interval_settings for all *_sync_interval settings
    • lightweight_sync_interval
    • camera_sync_interval
    • ped_sync_interval
    • unoccupied_vehicle_sync_interval
    • BETA: NEW FEATURE (BUILD: 1.6.0 r22430)
    • keysync_mouse_sync_interval
    • keysync_analog_sync_interval
    • bullet_sync
  • value: The value of the setting

Optional Arguments

  • bSave: Set to true to make the setting permanent, or false for use only until the next server restart.


Returns true if the setting was successfully set, or false otherwise.


This example enables network encryption

setServerConfigSetting( "networkencryption", "1", true )

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